Entertainment, which is not giving or adding tension, is always good to have periodically. There are plenty of live entertainments for this to show as example, such as, Circus, Dance, Comedy Club, Magic shows, Theatre, Drama, Video Art, Performance art, and so on. Circus was formed in the year 1768 in England. Earlier circuses were almost like performance of horsemanship. The current circus level was developed in the later part of 19th Century after introducing much more entertainment shows. Only during mid of 19th Century, large tents were introduced in the Circus, and there after added many programs to give more entertainment to the audience. Circus is considered one of the great entertainments today, and even now the performers are growing.

Dancing with Rhythm

Another is dance. Dance is the movement of the body which is performed usually rhythmically and to music. Dance is also used for non verbal communication. Witnessing any dance program with due care will be good.  Magic is a performing act that entertains audiences by staging some tricks. The stage magician will perform by doing illusions. The first magic tricks came out during the year 1584. This is in the form of books. Thereafter many books got developed and updated showing several magic tricks and all are to give much entertainment to the readers. The sales of those books were huge.

However, common person is not satisfied just to read books alone. Hence, magic shows came to theatres during the year 1800. As form of much entertainment, magic shows in theatres moved into televisions also. There are lots of magicians’ tricks such as taking a bird from empty cape, changing the blue color cloth as white, cut a rope and after some time restoring the full rope, make one object to disappear, and so on. While witnessing, no wonder, we can enjoy the fun.

The Art of Drama

In the earlier days Drama is always combined with music and dance. Later it changed with story. In the United Stares, during 1900, dramas were formed for educating children with dramatic activities and games. The artists also played focusing moral as theme. This was much attracted. But when the television dominated the screen, this practice got disappeared.

Stand up Comedies

Comedy club is another place where people spend good time. This is more or less a nightclub, where comedians perform shows. However, in the later this is changed to many common places like open space outside the house, open terrace, general park and so on. The idea of having comedians also changed to sharing day to day comedy with others. For this, just some group of people is enough, May be friends or neighbors, and even family members.  This entertainment happens regularly and some times three or four days in a week. Video art is another form of getting entertains you. After office hours, in a relaxation way, you can do this. This will take you literally to some technical part alignment. You can do programing on your own based on your liking of the music.

By Joel Osteen

Are there any entertainment haters? No, all individuals love to inculcate their mind into any sort of entertainment. As an author, Debbie knows this very well. He is the best entertainer too in making people fall for his blogs. He sprays attention over the best thematic representation and information on entertainment factors.