Three ways you can spot an illegal streaming site for movies

It is a general rule that if you want to watch a movie you like, you should pay to watch them, however, these days, the internet makes paying only an option. It is given that with the help of the internet, movie studios can share and influence more people easily with just a few clicks, yet it also enables piracy to spread its copyrighted content in every corner of the internet, and none of that profit is going to be given to the creators of that movie.

Illegal movie-sharing is usually happening in two different ways, first the users can download and also install a software that connects them to torrent files which allows them to download online content materials by pulling all the data coming from multiple computers that serve as host of the same content, while the second form of illegal movie sharing is a black market site that lets people download movies illegally.

These kinds of data sharing are strongly condemned by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and, of course, just about everybody that is involved in the movie industry, whereas you can see these services to be totally convenient especially when you watch a movie, your actions are also outright theft as well, to the tune of more than a billion dollars a year being lost from piracy.


When it comes to legal terms, streaming sites are not totally considered to be legal, however, there is still a pending in the United States legislation, that would make unauthorized movie-streaming a criminal act for the person that hosts the file, while end-users that watches the movie who are mostly anonymous and so many, would also be likely to face any prosecution or even a fine.

If you are concerned about this matter, there are streaming sites that legally follow the law and regulations, and to find out which ones are illegally operating, check out some important tips below.

  • Poor website design- It is pretty easy to spot illegal online streaming sites because they definitely do not care if their website design sucks and it is pretty evident that they do not want to spend their time designing their site very well. A legitimate online streaming site such as the cmovieshd, on the other hand, makes sure that its site is fully functional, free from errors, well-designed, good navigational feature and properly organized. You should keep your eyes for clear giveaways such as these because these pages are usually riddled with grammatical and spelling errors while there are some graphics that are missing or improperly placed which makes it totally out of context with the entire site.
  • Full of ads- It is totally annoying that if you visit a site you are overwhelmed by pop-up windows and tabs that suddenly opens because of unnecessary advertisements that the site features and this is good evidence that it is an illegal streaming site.
  • Releases movie ahead of time- You can easily spot an illegal streaming site if they release a movie that has been just a few weeks out on the theaters and the worst is, they make it available for free download to lure a lot of people.

By Joel Osteen

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