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Every Reader knows that the Human Being is a Social Animal, and fully depends on his or her social connectivity and physical association to create a healthy lifestyle. But the frightening phenomenon that is the Covid19 Pandemic in the year 2020, has totally changed this physically associative way of life.  What HIV could not prevent, Covid19 seems to have succeeded in with ease. It has snapped the ancient chain of physical connection between the individuals of the species, and created the fearsome alternative: Lockdown. Event Management is one of the worst sufferers of this Pandemic as it is totally dependent on actual, real-time and physical human interactions. The usual events managed are social activities, such as Weddings, Parties, Festivals, Conferences, Sports Events, and so on. All these activities are almost at a standstill around the whole world. But there is no standstill in Singapore. This resurgent and magnificent city that often leads the urban world in creative innovation has come up with another First. the event management company in Singapore has instead taken off, and is reaching for a new high through an ingenious form.

Virtual Reality

The term “VR” is bandied about everywhere these days, but it seems, rarely understood. It stands for “Virtual Reality”, and is a catch-all word used to describe simulated reality, through a standard screen electronic communication and display device. The ‘social distancing’ that has become the rule rather than the exception in people meeting people these days, instead of the warm and enthusiastic gatherings before Covid19, which made up most festivities, are now noticeable by their absence. But Singapore has grabbed the alternative way to stage Event Management functions with open arms, and made a roaring success of it. Events these days are carefully stage-managed in Singapore these days, and projected via the Media and the Online as an alternative Reality.

Event management company singapore

New Ideas

The event management company in Singapore is no longer a traditional purveyor of huge masses of circus hardware meant to stage grand and showy events on hired grounds. They are Digital Event Planners these days, with wide experience with Customers from multiple industries and institutions, and across a vast array of virtual platforms.

Virtual Events

The event management company nowadays starts with an in-depth discussion with the Client to concretize all the requirements into actual events and plans. Virtual event ideas are uniquely developed, to align with the Clients objectives and Brand goals, and projected onto the Media. The Virtual Events can consist of:

  • Virtual Weddings, Birthdays, and Social Events.
  • Social Events like Virtual Dinner and Dance.
  • Virtual Exhibitions.
  • Livestream Meetings, Conferences and Webinars.
  • Virtual Awards and Fund Raising Campaigns.
  • Virtual Family Days.

By Joel Osteen

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