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There are many usual things that you hear about photo booths. One is that it’s a great way to entertain guests, decorate, or to enable guests to bring home the memories of the party. Perhaps you start to wonder what occasions call for the use of a photo booth. These are the most popular occasions where a photo booth Singapore or whichever city you may be is needed:

Children’s Birthdays

Kids are curious, loyal, and highly excitable guests in any event. This is especially true when there are photo booths. They often hang around where the props are put, waiting for the time they can use each one; then they run to their parents to show them their resulting photos. Children are often the most creative guests and parents would want to immortalize these precious moments.

Product Launches

It’s a brilliant idea to set up a photo booth in any product launch. This will spread the word about your new product. What you can do is to have a customized backdrop for the booth and put there the company logo. You may also add a green screen with different images which may include the company logo, tagline, slogan, brand name, endorser, new product, etc. And just like how guests often use props, your new product can be used as one. You are increasing brand awareness in a fun way and you have a photo with you to take home as a keepsake.

photo booth Singapore


If there’s one occasion that you like to be preserved in your memory for life, it would be your wedding day. The trendiest weddings today always include the use of a photo booth. Guests of all ages can all gather in the photo booth and play with the props, creating and documenting memories that are worth keeping for. It’s always a guarantee that guests will go home laughing and smiling.


Those who go out with friend in adrenaline pumping concerts and events are those who need more reminders of what they did the night before. That’s why it’s great to set up a photo booth or two for people to take photos in whether before or after the event. This will make sure that they have something to entertain them and at the same time commemorate their presence in the event.

Indeed there are many reasons for people to set up photo booths in any special occasions, but here are the best ones so far.

It is affordable.

You only have to spend $500 to $700 for hours of fun and excitement. The price varies according to the length of use and the props.

It is great for all occasions

Based on the aforementioned occasions, it is obvious that photo booths can be used whether it is a personal or a corporate event you are celebrating.

By Joel Osteen

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