NBA Fanduel Optimizer

According to the recent report of Statista, sports betting has drastically increased in its market size for the past years garnering 218.49 billion U.S. dollars. This revenue is mainly contributed by basketball, hockey, and football which are the predominantly betted sports globally with football ranking first followed by hockey in the mid-range and lastly, basketball. Their popularity in the sports betting list is directly dependent on the number of its fans. So, it is not a wonder why the DFS industry is flourishing.

DFS Definition

            DFS, which stands for daily fantasy sports, is under fantasy sports betting (FSB). The difference between this subset from its main is the betting frequency of the sports. Instead of conducting it every season, the sports can be played in a short period (daily, weekly, or monthly). Hence, there are more chances to practice and win prizes.

How is FSB different from TSB?

            The difference between FSB and traditional sports betting (TSB) lies in the identity of your opponent. In TSB, your opponent is the bookmaker whereas in FSB—it is another player. In terms of odds, the bookies in TSB have the edge over the challengers while in FSB your odds are leveled with other players. The only deal-breaker here is the amount of knowledge and skills you possessed about the sport you are betting on. For the commission, TSB usually imposes a 5% commission on the winner which is slightly lower than FSB. Thus, FSB is more profitable than TSB.

NBA Fanduel Optimizer

How do DFS works?

            DFS works by first creating a virtual counterpart of all known athletes who belong in the national leagues. Among these athletes, you are going to make your lineup, who will play on the sports pool you are waging on, based on their actual performances like acquired injuries, the number of received penalties, earned goals, and salaries. All these key performance indicators will be reflected in the virtual sports arena. So, your selection is a crucial step in winning the bet. If you are a newbie or intermediate player, then most likely you still lack the knowledge and skills in sports betting. To compensate for these deficiencies, it is best to use optimizers in creating your team.

How do optimizers help you to win in your favorite betting sports?

            A lineup optimizer is a computer-generated tool that is used to project a list of athletes which could give the optimum performance when matched with other players’ lineups. This projection is made based on the salaries and performances of the chosen athletes. The winning probability of these lineups also varies with different sportsbooks. The most popular online sportsbooks today are FanDuel and DraftKings and both have a different winning mechanisms for various sports. Therefore, it is equally important to use the right optimizer for different sportsbooks and game such as NBA Fanduel optimizer and NFL DraftKings optimizer to increase your chances of winning the bet.

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