Yamaha Digital Piano 700

For music lovers, owning a piano is a big deal! Using feature-rich equipment for gigs or events improve their performance and give them the liberty to brush up their tunes whenever they want. Furthermore, keeping a digital piano at home depicts your love for music, creates a musical vibe, telling a tale about your personality.

There are countless models for a digital piano in the market. You can choose the one you want, depending on your requirement and usage. The most popular of all the series is the Yamaha CLP 700. It caters to beginners and experts alike, by offering features that every pianist would desire. If you are also planning to invest in a piece of equipment from this series, it is vital to understand its features.

The Promising features of the Yamaha digital Piano 700 series are as follows:

 Keyboard Actions

Expect to get a wide range of keyboard actions in this new series, offering a broad expanse of tone. Not only this, the absorbent synthetic black and white keys prevent the slipping of the pianist’s fingers while playing the instrument. Even during the extended play, you will feel the utmost convenience and can enjoy the broad spectrum of tunes.

Yamaha Digital Piano 700


From leisure musical nights to a high-class gig, this piano series by Yamaha is the best fit for all! By choosing the apt features and functionalities, you can pick the instrument offering better playability and excellent sound quality. No matter which models from this series you choose, each will offer exceptional playability.

Options Available

You get multiple options in the CLP 700 series, each varying in features and pricing. There is a considerable difference in their appearance and functionality. Furthermore, you can also get colour options in these pianos, giving you the freedom of choosing the colour that matches your interiors.


One of the challenges that many pianists face is the sensitivity of their keys. This issue got resolved in the Yamaha CLP 700 series. The brand has worked a lot on the sensitivity part, and you can now get the grand piano playing experience with every instrument in this series.


Yamaha curated this range carefully, meeting the requirements of beginners and expert musicians. You get fine-tuned two way and three-way speaker options and also have choices in weight. After careful analysis, you can pick the variant that matches your requirement set and enjoy playing it. The best part is that you have weight options in this series. So, if you want portability, you are in for a treat!


Due to these features and many more, the CLP 700 Yamaha series gained exceptional popularity. If you also want to buy a digital piano from this series, it is ideal to explore the available options before deciding which one would work best. Invest in a premium quality machine, and enjoy playing it!

By Joel Osteen

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